CNS Training

By Nick Ryan
June 2, 2015
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mainly The Central Nervous System is involved in all movement, with sophisticated communication via electrical signal from the brain, through the spine, down into the nerves that break off into motor units (motor neuron axonal terminals that control the muscle fibers). The purpose in training the CNS is to increase this efficiency.  Understanding how to train and how to support these adaptations with both cardiovascular and strength training will ultimately result in increased human performance. I am not a neurological doctor nor do I have direct access to the original laboratory findings; therefore, I am not qualified to diagnose or treat any neurological problems.  This article is not intended to replace a medical visit.  This article is a discussion on the training adaptations that occur within the CNS and how to solicit adaptations intentionally and safely based on real world experience and various published journal findings. DEFINITIONS The motor unit refers to the motor neuron and the muscle fibers within its span of control.  The ratio between motor neurons and muscle fibers varies.  For example, in the quadricep, one motor unit may include a single motor neuron that is responsible for voluntary contraction of thousands of muscle fibers.  A group of […]

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