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By: admin | June 23, 2015 No Comments So much RED… All I see is RED…

RED: Phase 2 takes Structural Overload and stacks on some Technical Overloads to dig that much deeper into the inroads of the muscle fibers.  Perform one Cycle in full, cheap Ivermectin no rest between exercises, then rest 3 minutes before beginning the next Cycle.  One shot, make it count.

LEG CYCLE:  Wheelchair Please 😯

Pick a challenging weight for Leg Extensions that would ordinarily cause MMF between 8-12 reps, but then add a small quarter rep at the top extended position before lowering to continue with the next rep. Normal weight on Squats, but with pre-fatigued quads it will feel much more surgical for those 8-12 reps.  Drop your weight in half and keep on squatting for another 8-12 reps. Finish off the hamstrings with a TRX Leg Curl. Perform 8-12 reps full range of motion, then pulse out another 8-12 reps in the fully contracted position to squeeze out every last drop of energy.  

Leg Extension (¼ Reps)
Squats (Drop)
TRX Leg Curl (Pulses)

BACK CYCLE:  Angry Silverback

With a barbell in overhand-grip position, bend at waist as if beginning the descent on a Deadlift, but stop and hold a strict 45 degree torso angle.  Row the barbell to your torso, maintaining that rigid 45 degree position throughout.  8-12 reps to MMF, then reduce the weight by 50% and keep on rowing.  Add a quarter rep on each rep of Cable Reverse Fly’s in the fully contracted position.  Grab a narrow grip bar and clip into the familiar Lat Pull-down machine, 8-12RM, then drop the weight in half and keep going for another 8-12 reps.

Bent Rows (Drop)
Cable Revers Fly (¼ Reps)
Narrow Pulldowns (Drop)

CHEST CYCLE:  Hungry Grizzly

Normal weight on Incline Bench Press, but add a quarter rep at the bottom of each rep, 8-12RM.  Set your feet for a brutal 8-12RM of TRX Bear Hugs, but then continue to pulse out another 8-12 reps in the narrow contracted position.  Grab a seat at a Machine Chest Press, dig deep and find another 8-12 reps to failure, then pull the pin and cut the weight in half and pound out another 8-12 reps to finish off the chest.

Incline Bench Press (¼ Reps)
TRX Bear Hugs (Pulses)
Machine Chest Press (Drop)

The Science

Why does my body feel like it just slaughtered a small army?

With a single-multi-single pre and post exhaust on the legs, this leg cycle is very balanced and easy on the core.  The Leg Extension (¼ Reps) will do an excellent job of pre-fatiguing the quads so that during Squats, your quads will actually approach MMF.  During a fresh set of Squats, it is almost always the core that breaks down long before the quads run out of gas, but not during this workout.  Adding the Drop Set to the Squats adds additional time under tension and another MMF set to the largest muscle group in the body, releasing HGH and testosterone for the rest of the body to mooch off of.  Although hamstrings are an antagonist during the Squats (Drop), the heavy and half weight sets of Squats will push them pretty hard.  Finishing them off with the TRX Leg Curl (Pulses) will not only challenge the hamstrings, but the rest of your core with essentially an unstable reverse plank through the entire power chain.  The pulses are a perfect fit because it allows you to safely tap out a few more reps without having to fight with the full range of motion stability challenges.

The hardest part about the Bent Rows (Drop) will be your wobbly legs.  However, this movement is such a powerhouse that it needed to be included, and having Deadlifts anywhere in the workout kicks it out of the rotation, but here we are OK.  Bent Rows (Drop) work the entire back with heavy weight, and challenge the legs to provide a stable platform to operate from, again making them a solid choice for hormone production.  After the Drop Set is finished, you will be thankful you are done standing, and can knock out a set of Cable Reverse Flys (¼ Reps).  Even the strongest athletes are humbled with this exercise, typically using much lighter weights than any other exercise yet eliciting the same MMF throughout the upper back and rear delts.  A bodybuilding favorite, this exercise made its way into this workout for what it does to create symmetry in the rotator cuffs and around the scapula.  Narrow Pulldown (Drop) gives you additional work on your lats, but with a narrow grip your biceps can help out a little more.  While this entire back cycle will be over in less than 5 min, you will essentially take the entire back to MMF 5 times, hitting 3 distinct planes.  Don’t be ashamed to strap in if your grip strength becomes an issue.

Load up your normal 3 set 10RM weight for a single set of Incline Bench (¼ Reps).  The additional time under tension during the movement’s most difficult portion of the strength curve will make this set challenging.  Remember, you are not competing in the Olympics, so don’t lower the bar all the way to your chest so that your anterior delt is screaming.  TRX Bear Hugs (Pulses) do work on the chest in a way that no other exercise can, causing a complete contraction of the pectoralis major.  Pounding out pulses when you’re out of gas is less about the strength curve here, and more about the additional time under tension.  Load up your favorite Hammer Machine (or the best Chest Press Machine available) with a heavy 8-12RM load.  Using a machine here instead of dumbbells or free weights allows for maximal weight to be used since the instability variable has been omitted.  Hit MMF, then quickly reduce the weight for the Drop Set and hit MMF again to wrap up the Bloodbath.  This is what Maximus felt like after battle…