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You may want to tap out sick today at work, maybe tomorrow too.

What makes a RED workout a RED workout is the combination of Structural Overloads combined with Momentary Muscle Failure (MMF) through the entire body in a short amount of time.  8-12 Rep Max (RM). It is a rapid-precision-total exhaustion. Perform one Cycle in full, Aurogra no prescription required no rest between exercises, then rest 3 minutes before beginning the next Cycle.  You get one shot at each cycle, so get it done right, best effort every rep.


Go bananas on Deadlifts, 8-12RM, then finish off your hamstrings with the Machine Leg Curl.  With what you have left in the quads, perform one set of squats with whatever you have left in the tank.  Remember that form is more important than weight, so respect the fact that your legs are exhausted as you enter the squat. No rest between exercises, unless it’s an emergency. By all means, rest then.

Machine Leg Curl


Lead off with a powerful 8-12RM Incline Bench Press that you have perfected within the last few months of training, then zoom in on the chest with a basic Cable Fly to MMF, and wrap up what pushing power you have in your upper body with a Machine Chest Press.  Boom!  

Incline Bench Press
Cable Fly
Machine Chest Press


If you can’t do a Pull-up yet, climb up and lower yourself through the negative phase of the Pull-up to start recruiting those motor units.  If you’re a pro, knock out as many as you can, with perfect form (no kipping).  Finish off the rear delts and upper back with a Cable Reverse Fly and change the angle with the Machine Row finisher.  8-12 reps to MMF.

Cable Reverse Fly
Machine Row


Why is this so RED-iculous?!

Deadlifts are in the leg cycle, but we all know that Deadlifts are a full body workout.  So leading off with Deadlifts allows for a fresh, safe, intentional exhaustion of the entire body, releasing HGH and testosterone into the bloodstream for the rest of the body to benefit from.  The Machine Leg Curl is an intentional break from being on your feet before Squats, and allows for a precision demolition of the hamstrings, which will already be fatigued from the Deadlifts.  Wrapping up the leg cycle with a back Squat seems overkill, but it forces you to drop down in weight a little bit, and rely on perfect technique to safely accomplish the set.  Doing a quality set of squats when fatigued will promote additional HGH and testosterone released into the bloodstream, and will break down the quads, the largest muscle group in the body.  You will not be using the same weight as you would if you were fresh, but it will be close, and you will still be tapping into all the same motor units to generate the force to do the reps.  You will wish you had crutches when you’re done.

If the golden rule is to go from biggest muscle group to smallest when doing a full body workout, then why are we doing chest after legs instead of back?  Well, it’s because if you truly went to failure on your Deadlifts, then your grip strength should still be pretty useless.  Doing chest gives you a chance to recover so that you can actually hold on during back.  A multi-single-multi split on the chest allows for more total weight to be moved while still giving the shoulder a break from insane volume.  Leading off with the Incline Bench Press allows for you to give your best effort with your shoulder in an optimal position for the rotator cuff to be loaded while still hitting the chest as the primary agonist.  When done properly, a Cable Fly can attack the pectoralis major without causing much trouble with the anterior delts, which should already be fairly spent after incline, so we try to leave them alone and bully the chest.  With the same shoulder considerations in mind, wrapping up with a Machine Chest Press allows for continued heavy work to be done on the chest in a different plane, but without the instability that is involved in free weight movements.  This allows for a safe additional set of heavy failure on the chest.

Wrapping up the workout with the back cycle, Pull-ups to failure will not be easy.  At this point the body will be getting low on stored ATP.  Two major muscle regions have been exhausted, so lactic acid build up will be high and nausea will be a reality.  After a set to failure of high quality, kip-free Pull-ups, isolate the mid-upper back with a Machine Reverse Fly.  It won’t take much weight, which is why it was intentionally used here over other exercises to give your frame a break from being loaded as you approach the finish line.  Strap in on the Machine Row and pull as much weight as you can in the recommended rep range until you have nothing left in your lats.