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The Epiphany

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factitiously So this is what it feels like to be a LEGEND…

Lead the battle charge with a set of plyometrics to stimulate the Central Nervous System (CNS), stack the Structural/Technical Overloads, and finish off by tapping into the uncharted territory of slow-twitch Type 1 fiber MMF with some slow, high rep failure ranges for a true maximal muscular hypertrophy. With only 2 more sets, a Plyo & T1 MMF, this phase will help you realize just how freakish you’ve become. Strong Work! Thanks for all the sweat and commitment. Perform one Cycle in full, no rest between exercises, then rest 3 minutes before beginning the next Cycle.

LEG CYCLE:  Hercules, I Got This

Stimulate the CNS with a quick set of alternating Split Jumps for 10 reps, then dive right into a Herculean Deadlift for 8-12 RM, 50% drop and keep digging your heels in.  Now that you can’t walk, suspend one foot in the TRX strap and knock out 8-12 reps of lunges to failure while Goblet Carrying a Kettlebell, and then pulse out 8-12 more reps before switching legs. Crawl over to the Squat rack and knock out 8-12 reps to failure with quarter reps at the bottom of each rep. To show the Type 1 Fibers some love, pound out 20-30 reps of Leg Extensions until the burning makes you whimper.  Nicely done.

Split Jumps
Deadlifts (Drop)
TRX Goblet Lunges (Pulses)
Squats (¼ Reps)
T1 Leg Extensions

CHEST CYCLE:  Pardon Me Superman

Wake up the chest with 10 Clap Push-ups, then get right into it with Incline Bench Press 8-12RM, you bet, 50% drop with another 8-12 more! Grind out 8-12 TRX Bear Hugs with quarter reps added to every rep. Have a pair of dumbbells handy for a quick Flat Dumbbell Press for 8-12RM with a 50% drop and 8-12 more.  T1 time with a brutal 20-30RM Cable Fly finale.

Clap Push-ups
Incline Bench Press (Drop)
TRX Bear Hugs (¼ reps)
Flat Dumbbell Press (Drop)
T1 Cable Fly


Explode through 10 Pull-ups with a quick clap between reps to stimulate the motor units throughout the lats. Pancake the Bent Dumbbell Row 8-12RM Dropset with a single-joint tandem of 8-12RM Cable Reverse Fly & TRX X-ups, with quarter reps on every single rep of both…  With absolutely nothing left in your body to give, grab those straps, set your feet, and pound out 20-30 Crab Rows until you run out of gas.   

Clap Pull-Ups
Cable Reverse Fly (¼ Reps)
Bent Dumbbell Row (Drop)
TRX X-ups (¼ Reps)
TRX T1 Crab Row

The Science

Congrats on becoming superhuman.

Activate the CNS with a quick set of split jumps, engaging motor units in a new way within the context of strength training, then get right into a heavy set of Deadlifts with a drop set.  You will be done for the day by the end of Deadlifts, but you have a long way to go, so stay calm and move on to TRX Goblet Lunges (Pulses).  The CNS will be tapped out already, so asking your frame to remain stable while bringing each quad to MMF separately with the single joint movement will feel unorthodox.  Cautiously get under the bar for a set of back Squats (¼ Reps).  At this point your body will be performing while your mind is giving up, so hang in there, you have earned the right to work this hard, and your body can do it although your mind has doubts.  Finish the leg cycle with a set of Type 1 muscle fiber MMF with leg extensions.  Stay calm and pound out perfect reps until even your slow twitch fibers have failed for maximal hypertrophy of both Type 1 and Type 2X fibers in quads.

Clap push-ups activate the motor units in the chest before diving into Incline Bench (Drop).  TRX Bear Hugs (¼ Reps) cause a unique MMF in a range of motion typically neglected in the pectoralis major and serve as a great post exhaust to the Incline Bench since they are relatively neutral on anterior delt overloading.  Finishing off the heavy movements with a set of Flat Dumbbell Press (Drop) adds the instability component under heavy load that has been avoided up to this point.  Have that 2nd set of dumbbells ready to go to avoid delays.  Now that your chest has reached multiple sets of MMF for the Type 2X fibers, go a little further with a set of Type 1 MMF Cable Flys.

After the heavy sets of Deadlifts, your grip should have had an opportunity to recharge slightly, as well as your lower back.  Lead off with a set of Clap Pull-ups to fire off the motor units in the lats to get the party started.  To give your lower back a break since it has already been asked to do Deadlifts and Squats with AOT’s stacked on top, this back cycle is a single-multi-single structural overload.  The heavy volume is not as much, but the precision makes up for it. Cable Reverse Flys (¼ Reps) right into a Dumbbell Row (Drop) followed by TRX X-Ups (¼ Reps) will leave your entire back raw with MMF, yet leaving your lower back safe and healthy.  Wrist straps are still recommended, but that is up to your preference.  For the final set of the Epiphany, push yourself to knock out 20+ Crab Rows for a set of Type 1 MMF in the lats.  Strong work, that was the most efficient 30 minutes of your life.